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tiDE features customizable project templates that you may use to simplify creating new projects. Custom user project templates are located in the tiDE folder (most likely in My Documents), under Templates. tiDE contains several project templates built in. Here is an example, the Nostub z80 Project Template (nostub.tidet):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ProjectTemplate Name="Nostub" Language="z80" Icon="nostub.png" Type="8xp" Category="TI-83/84+ (SE) Assembly" Description ="A program run from the homescreen, using Asm(">
   <File Name="{Name}.asm" Open="true" Focus="true">
include ""

org $9D93
db $BB, $6D

   <File Name="" External="true" Exclude="true" />

Let's explain this template in more detail.

Opening Element

The first element of the template file should be the ProjectTemplate element. It may have several attributes:
  • Name (Required): The name of the template. This will show up in the New Project dialog.
  • Language (Required): The language this project uses (example: "z80" and "C" See Default Languages for built-in languages)
  • Icon: The icon file to represent this project. May be .ico, .png, or .bmp. It should reside in the same directory as the template file.
  • Type (Required): The output file type of this project.
  • Category: The category this falls under in the New Project dialog
  • Description: A simple description of this project template.

Supported Models

The supported model list is required. This shows a list of all models this project type supports. At least one is required, and the SelectedModel element is required. SelectedModel determines the kind of emulator used with this project.


This is a list of files that should be sent to the emulator before running the project. Each dependency is defined like so:
The file specified should reside in the same directory as this template.


These are the actual files to be added to the project. In the CDATA or the Name of these elements, you may use {Name} in place of some text, which will be substituted for the user's selection of name. These are the attributes you may use on the File element:
  • Name (Required): The name of the file. {Name} will be replaced for the project name in this attribute.
  • Open: If true, this file will be open in the editor after the project is loaded
  • Focus: If true, this file will be open and selected in the editor. Only one file may specify this attribute.
  • External: If true, this specifies that the file should be copied into the project from the templates folder.
  • Exclude: If true, the file will be copied, but not included in the project.

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