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This page describes each feature and the detailed progress of it. Features for calculators other than the TI-83+ Family and the TI-Npsire family have been left out, as none of them are planned until support for the listed calculators is complete.

Assembler - Incomplete

  • z80 Assembly Functional, Unstable
    • Core Assembly Functional, Unstable
    • Macros Functional, Incomplete (Support for some TASM style macros)
    • Cross-Assembler Compatibility Incomplete
    • Assembler Directives Incomplete (Few directives supported)
  • ARM Assembly Not started
  • 68k Assembly Not started
  • Custom Table Assembly Incomplete
  • Automatic Optimization Not started
  • Listing Generation Not started

Linker - Incomplete

  • Linking Complete
  • Error Reporting Incomplete
  • Access Modifiers Incomplete
  • Linked Listing Generation Not started

Packers - Incomplete

  • 3rd Party Packers Not started
  • TI-83+ Family Program Complete
  • TI-83+ Family Application Not started
  • TI-83+ Family Operating System Incomplete (ROM only)
  • TI-83+ Family TI-Basic Not started
  • Axe Parser Not started
  • TI-Nspire Ndless TNS Temporarily Disabled
  • Other models Not started

Emulator - Incomplete

  • TI-83+ Functional, Unstable
    • Core Emulation Complete
    • Virtual Linking Incomplete
    • CalcNet Support Incomplete
    • Ports Incomplete
    • Flash Control and Chip Emulation Complete
  • Other Models Not started

IDE - Incomplete

  • Project Templates Complete
    • Custom Templates Complete
  • File Templates Complete
    • Custom Templates Complete
  • Syntax Highlighting Complete
  • Integrated Debugging Incomplete
    • Emulator Integration Complete
    • Source Level Debugging Not started
    • Live Disassembly View Incomplete
    • Live Memory View Incomplete
  • Add-Ins Incomplete
  • Code Completion Complete
  • Crash Reporting and Error Handling Not started

DoorsCS 7 Designer - Incomplete

  • Designing Incomplete
  • Implemented Controls Incomplete
    • GUIRLargeWin
    • GUIRNull
    • GUIRText
    • GUIRWinButtons

(De)tokenizer - Incomplete

  • Tokenization Functional, Partially Tested
  • Detokenization Not started

Lua - Not started

  • Editing Not started
  • Syntax Highlighting Not started
  • Project Templates Not started

GCC Bridge - Incomplete

  • Bridge to GCC Temporarily Disabled
  • Syntax Highlighting Complete
  • Nspire Project Templates Complete

SDCC Bridge - Not started

  • Bridge to SDCC Not started
  • Project Templates Not started
  • Integrated Debugging Not started

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