tiDE is the best Integrated Development Environment for Texas Instruments calculators, supporting all programmable models of TI calculators. It is a suite of tools including an IDE, an emulator, an assembler, a sprite editor, and more. tiDE can handle any calculator project you have to make, including Programs, Applications, Operating Systems, Ndless-enabled Programs, and more.

This screenshot is updated with every major feature (last update: 12850)

This project is still in the pre-alpha phase. Several features are usable, but may still have bugs. Take care when using unstable versions of tiDE. Although you cannot presently download a compiled version of tiDE due to its incompleteness, you can still download and build it from the Source Code. The source code changes very frequently (several times daily), so be sure that you have the latest version. If you need help, see the Building From Source page.


Note: This feature list is incomplete, and many listed features are not done. See Current Progress for a detailed list of features and the current level of completion on each.
  • Table Driven (Dis)Assembler
  • Emulator
  • Integrated Debugging
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Subversion Source Control
  • Sprite Editor
  • DoorsCS7 GUI Designer
  • TI-Basic Editing and Tokenization
  • Axe Parser Editing and Compilation

Featured Add-Ins

Requesting Features

To request features, please go to the Issue Tracker and add an issue, and mark it as a feature. We'll do our best to include it.

Reporting Bugs/Errors

When tiDE crashes or encounters an error, you will be able to use the provided dialog to submit feedback about exactly how it crashed. Failing that, you can always use the Issue Tracker to submit bugs.


z80 Assembly Alpha and Beta Releases Upcoming

The z80 assembly portion of tiDE is almost working. Coming soon will be the tiDE z80 Assembly Alpha, followed by the Beta, which is intended to find all of the bugs with the z80 assembly portion. This will be a public beta, and we would appriciate if you would drop by and pick it up. Try and see if your existing projects work with tiDE, and if they don't, you can use Help>Submit Feedback to let us know if it isn't working out, and we'll make sure to fix it. If you can't wait for it, you can always download the current revision's source code. As of changeset 6313, tiDE will compile assembly, and is compatable with Tasm macros (which includes ti83plus.inc). It will currently only compile .8xp files, but more will be added as bugs in the assembler are fixed.

tiDE is not affiliated with Texas Instruments in any way.

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